FC Barcelona opens football school in China's Qingdao

23rd October 2015, FC Barcelona held press conference at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona and announced the Barcelona youth training system will be taken root in Qingdao first time; FC Barcelona, Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., and China Sports Futurity Investment Company will jointly build FCBEscola Qingdao Huanghai.

FCBEscola Soccer School Qingdao Huanghai officially established

One month later, FC Barcelona, Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., and China Sports Futurity Investment Company hosted the press conference to officially launch FCBEscola Soccer School Qingdao in Beijing; it means that, one of the best soccer training system of world, FCBEscola has come to china. Many honorable guests from three parties presented the press, including Chairman Mr. Wang Jianguang and CEO Mr. Guo Xiaowei of CSFI, the president of the Qingdao Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Mr. Wang Zekai, Director of FCBEscoles, Mr.Oscar Grau, the director of the Qingdao sports bureau Mr. Ji Gaoshang, Consul general of the Spanish consulate general in Beijing Mr. Jin DE Alistkin, secretary-general of the China Social Welfare Foundation Ms. Miu Li, Qingdao famous actor Mr. Huang Xiaoming and 6 coaches from FCBEscoles.

Then, Chinese children have the opportunity to train with the same system as FC Barcelona in China.

Youth football Foundation Launched

China Social Welfare Foundation as a National public offering foundation, who has announced created a Youth Football Foundation. The aim is strengthening of cooperation and communication with international football organizations. The Foundation made a destiny improving the development of Chinese football by enhancing popularity of youth football in China.

Furthermore, famous actor Mr. Huang Xiaoming donated 1 million RMB to Youth Football Foundation to developed Chinese youth football.

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